12 Feb 2018


The 2018 Super TT race category season is set to start on the 25/02/18

The off season has allowed for some modifications to the Tanks Solutions sponsored MX5 including a new rear diffuser to allow less drag and more rear grip. A successful tuning day at MRC Dyno on Saturday the 10/02 saw a 12% increase in power while still aiming for a safe tune.

The turbo, exhaust manifold and dump pipe are all currently at HyperCoat in Sydney to be ceramic coated. This process increases the thermal efficiency of the “hot” side of the motor while keeping under bonnet temperatures lower.

Round 2 will see a new carbon fibre bonnet fitted to the car as the program to lighten the vehicle further gathers momentum. With a successful debut last season for the car and a series 3rd position this year we have our sites set firmly on the top 3.

 Thank you to Tank Solutions and G H Fabrications for all the support.


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