Latest Media Release from Tank Solutions

17 Oct 2016

Tank Solutions Pty Ltd has become aware of an official document in circulation from a major oil company that is written in regard to exemptions around biofuels, specifically ethanol, but addresses in some detail FRP and jacketed tanks, including FTS and Tank Solutions Pty Ltd brand tanks.

This document contains a series of false and misleading statements made without due regard for the truth. Our corporation and brand has been irreparably damaged due to the claims made in this document.

With respect to the allegations around E10 and the impact on our tanks – we note that there are many thousands of FRP tanks in service today and are not aware of any failures due to major structural damage. All double wall tanks that have been manufactured by FTS and Tank Solutions Pty Ltd in Australia can handle E10, subject to normal site tank maintenance around de-watering.

In regard to the issues raised around warranties we note that Tank Solutions Pty Ltd stand 100 % behind both FTS and Tank Solutions Pty Ltd warranties.

Tank Solutions Pty Ltd manufactures our FRP tanks in line with UL 1316 guidelines and in full compliance to ISO9001.

Tank Solutions Pty Ltd and FTS double wall tanks, both FRP and steel, are all 100% compatible with E10.

These claims have damaged our reputation and the very high standing in which our products are held. Tank Solutions Pty Ltd has instructed its lawyers to take immediate action not only to protect our reputation but also to recover damages against the party concerned.

Yours Faithfully

Michael Graham


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