Tank Solutions has transitioned its ongoing training seminars online.

Tank Solutions places great emphasis on quality tank installations and contractor compliance. As part of our effort to continue our series of training seminars throughout the ongoing pandemic, we are extending a welcome to all interested guests for our Underground Tank Installation recorded webinar.

Join presenters Michael Graham (Tank Solutions’ General Manager) and Mike Palmer (FRP’s Operations Manager) as they discuss the requirements and changes around the install procedures for underground FRP tanks, followed by a Q&A session.

The webinar will aim to inform guests about the requirements and changes around the install procedures for underground FRP tanks. Specific topics covered include: changes to our Installation Instruction Manual including tank handling, the introduction of random on-site inspections; and the advantages of Aquator® Class 1 Oily Water Separators.

The webinar will also discuss any relevant issues and options installers have available in order to streamline the tank installation process.

It is highly recommended to download and familiarise yourself with our current Installation Manual ahead of watching the recording.

As most installation contractors are aware, Tank Solutions has a strong presence as a specialist manufacturer and supplier of chemical storage tanks solutions, as well as a reputation for installation quality and contractor compliance. Don’t miss out on your opportunity to learn from the experts at Tank Solutions. Register below.

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