Service Station Tanks For Underground Fuel Storage

24 Jun 2021

We can supply durable double wall tanks as part of your next service station upgrade.

Time for a new service station tank? As the leading Australian manufacturer of double wall underground fuel tanks in this market, we are regularly involved with supplying fuel storage solutions for service station upgrades.

Old storage tanks need replacing once they pass their serviceable life. Given the proven track record of performance over 20 years, a Tank Solutions fibreglass underground tank is the smart choice for long-term results!

Advantages of our tanks for service station upgrades

Our FRP fuel storage solutions have many benefits, including the following features:

  • Full 360-degree secondary containment provides continuous monitoring of both inner and outer wall integrity.
  • Unique integral rib design offers unparalleled strength and robustness.
  • Corrosion resistant, maintenance free and formulated to be compatible with petroleum fuels products, alcohols and alcohol-gasoline mixtures (due to the virgin resins and glass used with no fillers).
  • Double wall multi-compartment tank options are available in sizes up to 150,000L capacity, inclusive of integral doubled internal walls. Built to withstand up to a full 35KPA.
  • 30-year warranty is provided against structural failure, internal and external corrosion.
  • Manufactured to meet or exceed industry and statutory requirements to: UL1316, AS1692.
  • Exclusively utilises Parabeam, a 21st century fibreglass technology.

Get in touch with our service station tank specialists
Contact Tank Solutions expert team for your next service station upgrade. Having designed custom solutions for decades, we are Australia’s leading underground fuel storage tank manufacturers.

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