Aquator® is designed, engineered and manufactured by Tank Solutions Pty Ltd, Australia’s leading manufacturer of Fibreglass Underground Fuel Storage Tanks for Retail Service Stations.

Aquator® has the ability to capture and store fuel spills without adverse effect on the tank whilst also having the ability to remove hydrocarbons from water runoff and discharge to stormwater in normal operations.

Aquator® is a Class 1 Oil-Water Separator is compliant with EN BS 858-1:2002 and has been independently tested by the University of South Australia and ALS Environmental. The fibreglass underground separator is available in singlewall and doublewall options with containment size to suit your needs.

The patented design of the Aquator® includes a combination of inlet pipes and baffles that minimise turbulence. Specially designed coelescers with a polyether filtration matrix separate and remove the hydrocarbons from the waste water. The oil and fuel is separated and contained for later removal.

The system also incorporates an automatic shut off valve and separate alarm to close down the Aquator® – ensuring no discharge of pollutants. The system is easily maintained with no need to enter the tank.